Moon Moth - Actias luna
Moon Moth - Actias luna
Moon Moth - Actias luna
Moon Moth - Actias luna

Moon Moth - Actias luna

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Species: Actias luna

Frame size: 19 x 19 cm/7.5 x 7.5 inches

Pest-proofed with silicone.

Display: Wall mounting or self standing. 

Like other silk moths, this species only live for ~a week in their adult forms since they don’t eat. Their mouthparts are vestigial (became functionless over the course of evolution).

An Actias luna moth specimen in a premium open grain wooden frame. The scientific and common names are printed on acid free card and the frame is sealed with silicone to keep the specimens safe from hungry museum beetles and other such pests. 

Care & Maintenance

Keep out of direct sunlight and high humidity. You can wipe the frames clean with a dry cloth but be careful; they are delicate! 

Note: these are natural products. Each individual specimen is unique but not damaged unless explicitly mentioned.


U.K.: First class.

International: Royal Mail - International Tracked & Signed. 

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