I'm Joris Rockx, owner of this business. I have a masters degree in entomology and work in pollinator research at my local university. 

Posing and framing charismatic insects allows me to channel my perfectionism into my passion for wildlife with some amazing looking home decorations as a result. I hope you like the things I make and if you do, please consider getting some for your home! Your support allows me to keep doing what I do.

Like many I have been fascinated by wildlife for as long as I can remember. I refined this interest when I did my biology degree (BSc). During this degree I first moved to the U.K. from the Netherlands to research pollinators. It was then that I met Fran who I now happily live with. Very thankful she likes insects! I started breeding rainbow stag beetles after catching some in Animal Crossing. I started off with a single couple of 'wild type' rainbow stags but that has since grown into more beetles than I can count. I've got three colour lines of rainbow stag (wild type, red and purple) and some starry flower beetles (Inca clathratus).