All of the specimens are sourced ethically and sustainably to the best of my ability. I breed some myself, mainly rainbow stag beetles. I source specimens from other local specialist breeders. Besides that I work with reputable suppliers of dried insects who in turn get them from various insect farms across the globe and a portion is sustainably wild caught.

The collecting of insects provides an incentive to preserve their habitat for the people who live near these beautiful creatures. No habitat means no insects. Hereby these charismatic insects help preserve other wildlife that they share their habitat with. Not just well known critters but also those that are perhaps less charismatic and often overlooked. This is not limited to insects, think of other animals, plants and fungi too!

The biggest threat to insect populations is habitat loss. If this worries you, consider creating some habitat in your garden. Plant some native flowering plants, leave a little corner to grow wild and don't use pesticides.


Interested in beetle breeding? I've made a guide to breeding rainbow stag beetles which you can watch here: