Contact / FAQ

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: I ship to the U.K. and EU exclusively at the moment. CITES species such as birdwings are only shipped in the U.K..


Q: Why won't you deliver some frames outside of the U.K.?

A: Either because they are CITES protected and require permits to import and export (from your end also) or they are simply too fragile and wouldn't survive overseas shipping.


Q: My favourite species isn't in your shop/is sold out. Do you have it?

A: Possibly! And if I don't I might be able to get it. Reach out for a quote.


Q: Are your inverts sourced ethically?

A: Yes, I breed some myself even. Check the 'Ethics' page for more details. 


Q: Can you teach me how to pin insects/breed beetles?

A: Sure can, send a message! I might organise workshops to teach insect preparation at some point in the future but am happy to help through chat until then.